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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today was an interesting day. I joined the cross country team. I had to take a test called the "beep test". There would be a beep, and then I had to run a certain distance before the next beep. It gets progressively faster and harder. I got to level 8-1, which is about average for a cross country runner. Then, at night, I was going to take a shower, and the light above the shower wouldn't turn on. There was a plug hanging next to an outlet, so I plugged it in. I didn't realize that the plug was missing a back, and the backs of the prongs were exposed. My finger was touching one of the prongs when I plugged it, so I got shocked. Bad. I later found out that in India, the voltages are twice as high as in the US. 220 volts of electricity went into me, all the way down to my heel. Not fun.

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  1. I got shocked the same way once as a kid. Stepped in some bathwater and turned on the light. Two other young boys got punished for the spilled water. You should ask your dad about it:)


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